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10108-92nd St Grande Prairie  are available for sale at $295,000 each

This property consists of both sides of a 12 bedroom duplex, with each side being on a separate title. Over a decade ago both sides of this duplex were converted to include a full suite in the basement on each side.  Consequently each side of the duplex has two living rooms, two kitchens, to dining areas, two laundry rooms, two bathrooms and 6 bedrooms.  Over the last couple of years this property was redeveloped and refreshed with new furnaces, hot water tanks, new air condtioners, new roof, baseboard and casing, light fixtures, switches and plugs, and upgraded electrical,

Presently they are both being operated as a Rooming House bringing in $4,000 to $7,000 a month gross revenue with housekeeping, management, utilities, property insurance and taxes causing each side to net approximately $3,500 a month on average.  Thus producing an excellent ROI. They are fully furnished with everything from the beds having a 10 year warranty to linens, pots and pans, dishes and Smart TV’s.

Recently renovated, these properties have proved to be particularly popular with companies that like to attract their employees by providing them with accommodations.  Others have crews that pool together to take advantage of the discounts available if paid by the month or a year’s lease.

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